Terri Nolan

Women in Resource Development Corporation

Career Development Practitioner

Success Story

Meet Terri

Terri, a passionate Career Development Practitioner (CDP) for WRDC’s Avalon region, is on a mission to empower women and gender-diverse individuals in traditionally male-dominated industries. Her daily tasks, from resume building to interview preparation, contribute significantly to WRDC’s goal of inclusivity in the workforce.

Before joining WRDC, Terri served as a Career Counselor at Waypoints, where she supported at-risk youth in finding their career paths. Her time with the Association for New Canadians involved coordinating programs that provided international students and graduates with internship opportunities, facilitating their entry into meaningful employment. Since joining WRDC in July 2023, Terri has been inspired by the organization’s commitment to breaking barriers and creating opportunities.

Her academic background includes a double major in History & Sociology from Memorial University, reflecting her fascination with societies and community dynamics.

Outside of her profession, Terri enjoys quality time with her one-year-old daughter, indulges in video and board games, embraces family moments, explores documentaries, and immerses herself in a good book. With a love for tea, a dog named Shelby, and a cat named Prince Eric, she also treasures travel experiences, with Japan being a standout destination in 2014. Terri’s diverse interests and enthusiasm for empowering careers make her a valuable asset to the WRDC team.


Email:  tnolan@wrdc.ca

Telephone:  709.567.2646

Toll-Free:  1.800.738.3713

Fax:  709.738.3743