Tana Pittman

Women in Resource Development Corporation

Career Development Practitioner

Success Story

Meet Tana

Meet Tana Pittman, our dedicated Career Development Practitioner at WRDC. With a focus on supporting individuals in achieving their academic and career goals, Tana plays a vital role in our mission to create a local, diverse, and skilled workforce. With years of experience in both healthcare and educational settings, Tana brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role.

Since joining WRDC in October 2022, Tana has demonstrated her passion for helping others succeed. Transitioning from Career Development Coordinator to Practitioner, she thrives on working closely with clients, guiding them towards their aspirations.

Tana’s educational journey reflects her commitment to personal growth, having pursued studies at Memorial University and the College of the North Atlantic. Currently working towards certification as a Career Development Practitioner, Tana’s empathetic approach stems from her own experience of navigating career paths.

Outside of work, Tana enjoys outdoor activities like kayaking and skidooing, along with her lifelong passion for soccer. Known for her charisma, Tana’s love for working with people shines through in all she does.


Email:  tpittman@wrdc.ca

Telephone:  709.896.8076

Toll-Free:  1.800.738.3713

Fax:  709.738.3743