Leigh Wall

Women in Resource Development Corporation

Outreach & Engagement Coordinator

Success Story

Meet Leigh

Meet Leigh Wall, our dynamic Outreach and Engagement Coordinator, whose journey weaves together technical prowess and a fervent commitment to empowering women in non-traditional roles. Graduating with honors in Heavy Mechanical Trades and Transportation from Vancouver Community College, Leigh earned the prestigious Cummins Scholarship not once but twice, underscoring her dedication and excellence in the field.

Before gracing the WRDC team in April 2023, Leigh wore many hats, including roles as a Peer Support Facilitator and Student Recruitment Specialist. Her journey reflects a commitment to breaking barriers, evidenced by the Anne Naymie Award she earned in 2017 for leadership in trades.

Leigh’s magnetic energy extends beyond her professional journey; she’s a fervent advocate for animal welfare and has hiked the North Head Trail on Signal Hill 100 times in 2022. With three feline companions—Mary, Debbie, and Judy—Leigh’s warm spirit and trailblazing dedication make her an invaluable asset to WRDC.


Email:  lwall@wrdc.ca

Telephone:  709.738.3713

Toll-Free:  1.800.738.3713

Fax:  709.738.3743