Volunteering for an organization that supports issues that impassion you is one the most gratifying ways to spend your time while helping others.   As a woman working in the skilled trades or STEM sectors, you likely benefited from having a role model or at least could have benefited from someone in your life who shared their experience and wisdom with you.  This is particularly important for girls who are considering their career options. 

Girls without exposure to these types of jobs at an early age are much less likely to pursue these careers.  This is where you, as a WRDC volunteer, can make a tangible impact.

There are several ways that you can play a part in this collaboration.   WRDC offers experiential programs in schools to female students from Grades 5-12.  WRDC offers one day workshops, designed primarily for junior high aged girls, with hands on activities, presentations and demonstrations.   We can also offer coding activities in the classroom or at a community centre or girl guide meeting.  WRDC staff does all coordination.  As a volunteer you will be expected to provide only your expertise in a structured scheduled session.

Three primary ways we need your help

  • Be part of the activities. Open their eyes to the profession of engineering. Guide the girls by offering your expertise through the design and building of a basic roller coaster. Assist with competitions and make the experience exciting and rewarding.
  • Join our lunchtime panel discussions. If you are free at lunchtime, perhaps you could offer your insight through a facilitated one hour Q & A session..
  • Share your story! By participating in any of these activities, you act as a role model.   However, telling your personal story – how you came to choose this career, who or what event helped you along the way and what you love about your work – can inspire young girls to believe in themselves, to strive for higher grades and pursue their interests so they can realize their own dreams.   Your participation helps more than you might think.  If they can see it, they can be it.

WRDC is expanding our website to include information that speaks directly to young girls who are exploring careers in trades and technology on their own.  There will be activities, information to help them determine what STEM career they might like to pursue, By sharing your story of your career path, you will help girls visualize their own success. You can choose to do a video for our website or written text with your photo.

We will make it as simple as possible for you to participate.  We will have templates ready so all you would need to do is answer questions and we will write the piece, and upload it after we received your approval.

What we offer?

When undertaking an active role at one of our events, whether a panel discussion, engineering solutions day, or a GUSTO workshop, WRDC will provide you with key messages young girls need to receive in the course of your involvement as a volunteer.  These messages, complemented by your personal story, might amplify their vision of themselves in the future.   WRDC has researched best practices and have determined these activities are nost effective in girls only setting.  Some of the proven benefits to the participants are:

  • Increased confidence
  • Build healthy relationships
  • Find their voice
  • Have a sense of belonging & connectedness
  • Increased community connections

In addition, there will be program schedules to follow and WRDC staff will coordinate everything else.  Your expertise is all that we ask for! 

Please submit completed applications to:

Women in Resource Development Corporation (WRDC)
175 Hamlyn Road, St. John's, NL A1E 5Z6

Become a Sponsor

If you would like to contribute to WRDC's initiatives, we would love to have you come on board as a sponsor. Your help will allow us to continue helping women in our province.

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