Program Participant

This participant was enrolled in a 16-week program in Central Newfoundland.

Success Story

Meet Program Participant

“I initially wanted to do the program because I’m not sure what I want to do. This program helped me figure that out.”

— Program Participant

“[The wrap-around supports] made a big difference. Without the financial help, it would have been hard to do it.”

— Program Participant

“[The career planning support] was the main thing I found most effective. Being able to have all these different career areas and to find a job I’m good at.”

— Program Participant

“I enjoyed how open everyone was about wanting this and needing the supports. They didn’t make you feel bad about needing them.”

— Program Participant

This participant was enrolled in a 16-week program in Central Newfoundland. They completed the program in 2024.

This participant is a single woman in her early twenties. She initially wanted to do the program as she was unsure what career path she wanted to take. After completing the program, she has a better understanding of the direction she would like her career to take.

This participant availed of many of the wrap-around supports, including a loaned laptop and other educational supplies, nutrition support, transportation funding, tuition coverage, career planning support, bi-weekly allowance, and a start-up gift card. She acknowledged that all the supports were reliable and that they had all made an impact on her. Notably, the nutritional support was greatly appreciated.

This participant found the career planning support most impactful during the program. Accessing the various job options and career pathways had a significant influence on this participant. Additionally, it accentuated which career positions would be most suitable for her.

Without the wrap-around supports, she still would have been able to participate in the program. However, she remarked that it would have been difficult financially to do so. She appreciated the positive atmosphere and felt that everyone was present to provide support.