Program Participant

This participant was enrolled in a 16-week long program in Western Newfoundland.

Success Story

Meet Program Participant

“The program was a wonderful opportunity for me. With the support, I didn’t have to pay, so I could complete the program and take care of my family at the same time.”

— Program Participant

“The childcare was wonderful! While I’m in school, my children need to be somewhere. I could not have participated without this support.”

— Program Participant

“It’s a life changing program! I’m really grateful and happy. I appreciate WRDC… A big thank you.”

— Program Participant

This participant was enrolled in a 16-week long program in Western Newfoundland. They completed the program in 2024.

This participant is a married immigrant and a mother of two young children. She moved to Canada in early 2021 and has done odd jobs since. She was looking to do a program to begin her career path in Canada, however, it can be very expensive for international students. She thought the program was a great opportunity and hoped to enhance her skills.

This participant availed of all wrap-around supports, including childcare funding, loaned laptop and other educational supplies, nutrition support, transportation funding, tuition coverage, career planning support, bi-weekly stipend, and start-up gift card. She found the supports made a huge difference for herself and her family, as they are just settling into their community. She left her last job due to pregnancy, so she felt she wasn’t providing anything financially to her family. She mentioned her desire to progress in her career path, and the program provided her with financial assistance to achieve her goals.

She was unsure what kind of career she wished to pursue and the opportunities available to her. She discussed with the Career Development Practitioner (CDP) about resources for her and urged her to participate in job shadowing. She liked knowing that she had someone in her corner to help her find her career path.

Without the supports, this participant would not have been able to participate in the program. The childcare and nutrition supports were crucial for her, especially considering she has two young children. She also emphasized her desire to keep the loaned laptop, citing the challenges of applying to jobs without it. She thoroughly appreciated the program and expressed appreciation for the assistance provided.