Lois Bragg

Project Technologist

Success Story

Meet Lois

Lois Bragg participated in the first delivery of Techsploration NL. Her school, St John Bosco, was one of eight schools that were involved. The five-month program paired junior high school girls with female role models and provided the opportunity to explore science, trades, engineering and technology careers.

Although Lois participated in the program more than a decade ago, it left a lasting impression on her and ultimately helped shape her career path. Lois always had an interest in math and science, but with the help of Techsploration NL, she discovered new career opportunities. “This program gave me the opportunity to see women in more nontraditional roles, and also helped make me aware of many different job opportunities that I was not aware of at that stage in my life.”

She remembers her role model, Krista Parsons, giving them a worksite tour of the Offshore Safety and Survival Centre. Krista showed the girls many aspects of the facility and equipment including, survival and safety gear, fire training, evacuation drills, and a walkthrough of a simulated ship.

Lois acknowledges the importance of introducing girls to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) programming. “I think this program is very important for young girls to participate in. While women in trades and technology is slowly becoming more common, it is still a very uneven split in these sectors.”

Lois went on to complete a Bachelor of Science from Memorial University and a Diploma of Technology in Naval Architecture from Marine Institute. She is currently a Project Technologist with Poseidon Marine Consultants Limited and is furthering her education, working part-time towards a Bachelor of Technology.

Her advice to young girls? “If you’re interested in a particular job or career do not be afraid to pursue it. You are just as capable as the next person. Don’t be afraid to be the only woman in the room.”