Naana Adofo

Policy & Research Consultant

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Tel: (709) 738-1214

Fax: (709)738-3743


Naana joined WRDC as a Policy and Research Consultant in November 2021 having gained experience from both her undergraduate and graduate level research and engagements.

She completed her Master’s degree in Political Science with academic excellence in October 2021 and was awarded the title “Fellow of the School of Graduate Studies” at Memorial University. She completed her undergraduate degree in Political Science in May 2018 with First-Class Honours from the University of Ghana. She also holds a Certificate Cum Laude from Science Po in France, where she undertook an exchange programme during her undergraduate degree. While undertaking her academic endeavours, she actively participated in and contributed to various research projects and policy engagements by providing assistantship to her professors and peers, both locally and internationally.

Naana is passionate about social issues, particularly gender equality and equity issues, and one day looks forward to advancing her cause in her home country, Ghana.

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