Demi Gibson

Research Consultant

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Demi gained extensive formal training in research and evaluation design and implementation through a Bachelor of Science in Psychology (completed in May 2015) and Masters of Applied Psychological Science (MAPS, complete in October 2017) from Memorial University. Her skills were further fostered through experiences in the community and non-profit sector. Demi is passionate about social support, applied research, and service provision for underrepresented groups and has spent her free time assisting with behavioral and skill development programs for several years. Recognizing that both individuals and organizations have complex needs and limited resources, Demi sees research and evaluation as key to ensuring effectiveness. As a Research Consultant with WRDC, Demi collaborates with the research team to skillfully design research projects, conduct quantitative and qualitative analysis, and synthesize reports. As Vice President and Professional Development Chair of the Canadian Evaluation Society's Newfoundland and Labrador Chapter, Demi utilizes her organizational, leadership, and coordination skills to offer valuable learning opportunities to the evaluation community in the province.

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