Workplace Culture & Inclusion Surveys

Successful Strategies and Action Plans 

To create successful strategies and action plans for gender diversity, equity and inclusion, organizations, industries, and sectors must assess their unique environments.

WRDC’s Workplace Culture & Inclusion Survey allows organizations to learn about more subtle dynamics in the workplace that may be contributing to issues with recruitment and retention.

WRDC works with employers to administer Workplace Culture & Inclusion Surveys to support this assessment and to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

Topic areas typically covered in the survey include, but are not limited to, overall job satisfaction, morale, belonging, authenticity, health & safety, engagement, diversity, inclusion, equity, work-life balance, workplace harassment, workplace discrimination and awareness of workplace policies.

It is important to note that the employer holds ownership of all data gathered from their organization via WRDC’s Workplace Culture & Inclusion Survey. Data is stored on WRDC’s secure server.

[Note: WRDC’s Workplace & Inclusion Survey was previously referred to as WRDC’s Climate Survey]