Diversity Tracker

Gather Information 

WRDC’s Diversity Tracker helps organizations gather information about the diversity of their workforce.

This tracker is delivered via a virtual interview and is to be completed by one individual on behalf of your organization’s employees. It includes questions about the number of employees who fall into certain categories, so it is recommended that it be completed by an individual who has access to employee information.

Once data is collected, WRDC provides employers with a report detailing key metrics for their organization. The completed tracker provides an in-depth profile of the organization’s workplace demographic data and enables its leaders to track essential metrics like representation and retention.

WRDC recommends employers complete both WRDC’s Workplace Culture & Inclusion Survey and Diversity Tracker. Results from both the survey and tracker combine to provide a more complete picture around diversity, equity, and inclusion.

It is important to note that the employer holds ownership of all data gathered from their organization via WRDC’s Diversity Tracker. Data is stored on WRDC’s secure server.