Techsploration NL is a program designed to provide girls with opportunities to explore trades, technical and technology-related occupations, while creating an awareness about the critical role of work in their lives. This program is intended to be inclusive of all young women, including those from various levels of academic achievement, from diverse cultural backgrounds, and girls with special needs.

Techsploration NL was a wonderful and unique experience. I learned a great deal and I am giving serious thought towards a non traditional career. This experience has greatly impacted my life. I now know many aspects of careers that I didn’t know before.

Techsploration NL Events

  • CAREER RESEARCH: After conducting preliminary research, team members interview their role model and take a tour of her worksite. Teams will then develop a ten to twelve minute presentation for the Techsplorers event.
  • TEAM PRESENTATIONS: It is essential that all the girls contribute to preparing for this event and be actively involved in the actual presentations. Along with providing information on their assigned career, the participants also introduce their role models, and respond to questions from the floor. The teams are encouraged to use creativity in their style of presentation, with an emphasis on having fun and keeping their audience entertained.
  • TECHSPLORERS EVENT: During this two-day event all teams, program partners, and individuals from the community unite. Through activities such as presentations and team building exercises, participants are able expand their knowledge and learn of the many opportunities available to them. Students also participate in tours of post-secondary educational institutions, one-hour workshops with their mentor and the opportunity to meet all other team role models.
  • TECHSPLORATION NL GOES TO SCHOOL: In the weeks prior to the Techsplorers Event, each team may rehearse their presentation at their host school. The team role model, along with other guest female role models, may also deliver presentations on their careers at this event. By sharing the highlights of their involvement with the Techsploration NL program everyone benefits.
  • ROLE MODEL WORKSHOPS: Each role model designs a one-hour workshop to facilitate with the girls on her team at the Techsplorers event. This session includes hands-on activities and a take-home project appropriate for the age level. For example, an Industrial Electrician might have the girls design and build miniature flashlights using light bulbs, batteries, switches and copper tape. These sessions enhance their learning experience and stimulate discussion with their friends and family members. A second workshop is designed to introduce the young women on the teams to all the mentors. This takes the form of a round robin, where teams rotate every ten minutes to different activity stations hosted by the role models.

I’ve noticed that the jobs associated with women are a lot more restricted than that of men. I don’t want to be restricted in that way.


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