Coding with Rosie is a short hour and a half workshop designed for girls grades four to six as an introduction to coding using robots and simple binary. With interactive hands-on activities girls use binary to make her own bracelet and will use coding to direct her very own robot. The activities are age appropriate, innovative, facilitated in a step-by-step fashion and have an added spirited competition component.

Girls will:
• learn and understand binary as the language used to communicate with computers
• identify the alphabet in binary
• code her very own robot and understand the importance of coding in other applications
• enable the robot to move independently
• be introduced to young girls to careers in computer science, coding and engineering
• strengthen communications and teamwork skills, self-confidence and self-esteem

Girls will:
• lean the alphabet in binary
• decode binary messages
• design and make her very own binary bracelet
• build codes for her robot
• engage in spirited competitions using her robot

“I loved the session and it increased my hopes of becoming a game designer.”

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