Girls Understanding Skilled Trades Opportunities.

The GUSTO program, is designed for high school girls interested in learning about career opportunities in skilled trades. Participants receive six to eight hours of instruction in carpentry and electrical from female role models and learn to safely construct their very own lamps.

The Experience

The program will inspire a love of learning; break down barriers to careers in skilled trades, engineering, design and operations; offer team-based, experiential learning; and encourage girls and young women to consider exciting career opportunities in non-traditional roles. Participants are given a uniquely customized gender-based approach to trades and technology education where cultural & regional specific approaches to engaging girls in trades and technology are highlighted.


GUSTO is a FREE workshop for high school girls across Newfoundland and Labrador who are interested in gaining hands-on experience in the carpentry and electrical trades. Participants will be instructed by two certified tradeswomen in the construction & assembly of their very own wooden lamps.

GUSTO offers gender-based career exploration with the perspectives of female mentors in trades occupations.

The program introduces basic carpentry and electrical skills in a work safe environment through demonstrations of the proper use of personal protective equipment, tools, materials, and machinery. The safety component gives an overview of shop safety covering occupational health and safety and WHMIS procedures. The career development component explores gender relations in non-traditional occupations and provides information on labour market trends, post-secondary education, and the apprenticeship process.

The Benefits

This program will expose girls to hands-on learning in skilled trades, engineering, design and operations. In an all female, team-based environment, the girls will be encouraged to consider career opportunities in these areas to increase female participation in a wide range of high paying jobs. By connecting girls to careers in skilled trades, engineering, design and operations, WRDC encourages girls to think outside of the box in their roles as girls and women in their communities and in their careers.

I had a chance to have my own hands-on experience, instead of just watching a video or having it demonstrated by someone else..

Student Participant

After attending [the GUSTO program], one of our students said they wanted to become an electrician. This testifies how easy it is to positively motivate young people when an organization such as [WRDC] has qualified professionals who have the care and interest of young people at heart.


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