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Engineering Solutions

Engineering Solutions is a day-long workshop for grade seven and eight girls with hands-on activities, presentations and demonstrations. 

With its modular design, girls explore the various engineering disciplines and career and education opportunities through the building and coding of robots, designing roller coasters and presentations and demonstrations with support from female role models.

Girls will:

  •  design and build a roller coaster using a blueprint design
  • work as a team to creatively engineer a working roller coaster
  • meet and take part in a panel discussion with female role models
  • construct their very own robot using instructional techniques
  • code their robot and understand the importance of coding in other applications
  • introduce young girls to all the engineering disciplines and career options available
  • strengthen communications, leadership and teamwork skills, while also increasing self-confidence and self-esteem


  • Design a roller coaster
  • Build a working roller coaster
  • What is an engineer?
  • Female Role Model panel
  • Construct mbot Robot
  • Code mbot
  • Friendly competitions

I liked the different ways they taught us about engineering, and now I’m considering to be an engineer.

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