Caryn Phillips

My name is Caryn Phillips and I am an electrical engineer.  I grew up in St. Johns and played a lot of sports. Through sport competitions I had the opportunity to travel and explore this beautiful province and love it all the more.

All through school I wasn’t sure what career to pursue even though I liked math and physics. During my senior year, the MUN Dean of undergraduates for Engineering presented to our grade 12 class and suggested that, with my interests, engineering could be a career to enjoy and be successful in.  Through the engineering program I was able to explore how applying those interests “fit into” the real world of work.

On one of my work terms I re-programmed the operation of a small crane on an offshore oil vessel that was malfunctioning. It was the first time I was able to try out controls engineering.  I knew at this point that engineering was the right career for me. Being able to watch the code I had written come to life and operate the crane was a very rewarding and exciting experience.  It is still the favorite part of my job! Now I get to program the functionality of large hydraulic generators and their auxiliary equipment.

Outside work I love cooking and traveling. I spend my leisure time at home watching the food network and cooking for family and friends. When I travel I prefer to go places I’ve never been before. My goal is to visit all seven continents. My favorite place, thus far, is London, England, where I was lucky enough to live for four months while on a work placement.