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October 31, 2018

2018 Diversity and Inclusion Awards

Awards were presented to recipients during WRDC’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Wednesday, October 24th, 2018.

Since 2014, WRDC has been formally and publicly recognizing the women, community organizations and industry players who are also “making it happen” for women in trades and technology in Newfoundland and Labrador.

This year’s Diversity & Inclusion Recognition Award recipients inspire and empower girls and women in our province to consider, choose, and succeed in these fields. They are passionate and committed to doing it better, making a difference, and leading the way for others. They are shining examples of determination, integrity, and leading by example. They walk their talk and they set the standard higher for all of us.

WRDC’s awards are presented in one of three categories

  1. Women in Trades and Technology
  2. Community Excellence; and
  3. Diversity in Industry

Metrobus received the Diversity in Industry award. This award recognizes employers for their leadership and success in equity, diversity, and inclusion within their organization, industry, or sector. WRDC is very pleased to recognize Metrobus for their leadership in the adoption and implementation of emerging practices for the creation and maintenance of a respectful and inclusive workplace.

Catherine Dutton and Della Ryan both received the Women in Trades & Technology award. This award Recognizes women who are “making it happen” for girls and women in NL by demonstrating leadership in trades and technology fields, as well as inspiring and empowering girls and women to pursue skilled trades and STEM careers. WRDC is thrilled to recognize Catherine for her outstanding career, and for her long-term commitment to inspiring and empowering young women in STEM. In addition, WRDC is thrilled to recognize Della for her hard work and success, and for her commitment to inspiring and empowering women in skilled trades.

Ashley Turner received the Community Excellence award. This award recognizes non-profits and NGOs for emerging and/or best practices in equity, diversity and inclusion programs and services. Individuals can be recognized under this category for long-term contributions or work within multiple organizations. WRDC is happy to recognize Ashley for her unwavering support for girls and women in STEM and skilled trades, as well as the exemplary leadership in equity, diversity, and inclusion she has demonstrated in numerous professional and volunteer roles.

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