WRDC celebrates the 17th offering of Techsploration NL

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May 11, 2018

WRDC celebrates the 17th offering of Techsploration NL

The Educational Resource Centre of Women in Resource Development celebrated the 17th offering of Techsploration NL today at Marine Institute.

Techsploration NL is a four to six-month career exploration program that provides grade nine girls with the opportunity to explore careers in STEM and skilled trades through industry research, interaction with female role models, worksite tours, and hands-on workshops. Techsploration NL aims to raise awareness of the importance of high school math and science for their future careers.

The program was first delivered in 2001 and since that time, more than 875 girls have participated in the program. This year, participants included 47 grade nine girls from six schools on the Avalon Peninsula, 7 teachers, and 24 female role models from ExxonMobil, Husky Energy, NL Hydro, Pennecon and Statoil. The Techsploration NL program concluded after a two-day Techsplorer event. The event consisted of a series of activities such as student presentations, industry role model round robin, boat building and race workshop, post-secondary hands-on tours, and guest speakers.

“I really enjoyed all the activities we did during the 2-day event.” stated a Techsploration NL participant. “I learned a lot about diverse careers in the skilled trades that are very interesting, and I loved spending time with my Techsploration NL team and meeting new people from other schools.” Another participant said “Techsploration NL was a wonderful and unique experience. I learned a great deal and I am giving serious thought towards a non-traditional career. This experience has greatly impacted my life. I now know many aspects of careers that I didn’t know before.”

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