Call for New Board Members

June 13, 2023

Call for New Board Members

Women in Resource Development Corporation (WRDC)

Women in Resource Development Corporation (WRDC) is inviting expressions of interest from individuals who are interested in joining the Board of Directors.

WRDC is a non-profit organization committed to increasing women’s* participation in trades and technology. With private and public funding, we offer a variety of programs and services to address challenges surrounding the attraction, recruitment, retention, and advancement of women in these careers. WRDC was formed in 1997, and created a charitable arm, the Educational Resource Centre (WRDC-ERC), in 2002, to provide hands-on career exploration opportunities for young women and girls.

At WRDC, our values are the core of everything we do:

We value diversity and inclusion of ideas and people:

We actively seek and engage diverse individuals, groups, and ideas. We listen to understand. We create and maintain safer spaces for sharing ideas, perspectives, and experiences.

We lead by example, with integrity and empathy:

We walk our talk. We are honest, supportive, accountable, and compassionate.

We support personal growth and advancement of gender equality:

We meet individuals and organizations where they are and help them move forward… always sharing our expertise and knowledge and advocating for gender equality.

We are one team, and we recognize the importance of collaboration and partnerships:

We know that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, both internally and externally. We understand that community, collaboration, and partnerships are essential for social change.

We strive for excellence in all we do:

We strive to be progressive and innovative. We value continuous learning and use of emerging and best practices. We recognize the importance of evaluation and evidence for delivery of the highest quality programs and services.

*WRDC’s Definition of “Women” refers to anyone who identifies as a woman and explicitly includes not only cis women but also trans women, anyone who identifies as non-binary, nonconforming and/or gender fluid; and anyone, irrespective of assigned gender at birth, gender identity and gender expression, who has experienced or is subject to experiencing discrimination based on identifying as a woman and/or being identified by others as a woman.

Board of Directors

The WRDC Board of Directors is a volunteer governance board, which governs the organization through a Strategic Plan, Governance Policies and By-laws.

Your Commitment:

As a board director, you will commit to:

  • supporting WRDC’s mandate, values, and strategic plan,
  • fulfilling a three-year term,
  • attending seven 2.5-hour regular virtual board meetings a year,
  • attending special meetings as required,
  • serving on the Executive and/or a sub-committee during your term,
  • lending support in your area of expertise as needed, and
  • acting as an ambassador for WRDC.

For more information about expectations and requirements of board directors, click here.

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At WRDC, we value diversity and inclusion of ideas and people. We recognize and respect the value that diverse life experiences, perspectives, and viewpoints bring to our organization. We are committed to building a board that reflects the diversity of the communities we serve and the women we support, including women from historically marginalized and excluded groups.

We actively encourage and welcome applications from individuals who belong to these groups. Interested applicants may choose to self-identify through the application process, which is voluntary and confidential. We believe that by actively seeking out and welcoming diverse candidates, we can create a more inclusive and effective board that better represents and serves our stakeholders.

We understand that diversity and inclusion require ongoing effort and commitment, and we are dedicated to creating an environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered. We look forward to reviewing applications from a wide range of qualified candidates who share our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

What We’re Looking for

WRDC is seeking nominees with a broad range of skills, perspectives and expertise and is particularly interested in hearing from individuals:

  • with a demonstrated commitment to WRDC’s mission and values,
  • with diverse lived experience, AND/OR
  • with skills and/or experience in human resources, risk oversight, and/or legal.

Board Nomination Process:

Additional information about the WRDC Board of Directors and expectations of Board Members will be forwarded to individuals who express interest.

New board members will be appointed by the Board of Directors through an established appointment process.

To express interest in joining the WRDC Board of Directors for open Director positions, please

  1. complete the Self-Nomination Form,
  2. attach your resume, and
  3. send both to the WRDC Board Chair at by August 20, 2023.

Should you require an accommodation to better support your ability to participate in this process, please email or call us at (709) 738-3713. This information will be kept confidential.

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