Gender & DEI Services

Gender & DEI Services

A diverse workforce offers extensive benefits for all organizations. 

WRDC works closely with employers to review and assess their organizational diversity policies and practices, and provide individualized recommendations and customized tools and supports to enhance their efforts.

Workforce and Workplace Assessments

A workplace assessment is key to understanding the current work environment and to making effective recommendations for change to employers. Conducting workplace assessments is an in-depth process, requiring a great deal of collaboration. As we conduct workplace assessments, we create long-term relationships with companies, jointly identifying potential issues and solutions. The anticipated outcome is that companies will better understand issues related to their policies, interviewing practices, orientation processes or worksite facilities that may act as a deterrent for hiring and/or retaining women.

Diversity Planning & Policy Development

WRDC provides consultation services to assist and support diversity and women’s employment plan development. WRDC staff provide crucial support to operators, contractors and sub-contractors in the development of diversity and women’s employment plans. Local companies often require assistance in the creation of plans to meet targets required by the provincial government for many larger scale projects.

Recruitment Assistance

WRDC works with companies to coordinate and host job fairs and provide recruitment assistance. A job fair is a pro-active way for a company to recruit employees. Some of the advantages WRDC offers include our flexibility, mobility, existing database of women and cost benefits. Offering these services will directly influence employment-matching between qualified women and employers in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Workplace Culture & Inclusion Survey

WRDC’s Workplace Culture & Inclusion Survey allows organizations to learn about more subtle dynamics in their workplace that may be contributing to issues with recruitment and retention. Specifically, this survey provides a picture of an organization’s climate, or environment, around a variety of topics such as diversity, safety and respect.

Diversity Tracker & Focus Groups

WRDC's Diversity Tracker questionnaire, completed in combination with the Workplace Culture & Inclusion Survey, provides a more complete picture around diversity, equity and inclusion for organizations. 

Focus groups can be an effective tool to dig deeper on a specific finding uncovered from the Workplace Culture & Inclusion Survey and Diversity Tracker.

Workshops & Training

Professional Development Workshops include Creating a Respectful Workplace; Diversity, Inclusion and You; Inclusive Leadership; and more.

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