Information Sessions

Information Sessions

WRDC holds information sessions for women across the province to increase awareness of opportunities in trades and technology careers. These sessions are offered in remote, rural, urban and Aboriginal communities.

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WRDC holds information sessions for women in remote, rural, Aboriginal and urban communities to increase awareness of opportunities in trades and technology careers. These sessions help increase awareness of opportunities and challenges for women seeking employment, as well as agencies that work to support them. We discuss barriers and identify opportunities and initiatives in trades and technology that women can avail of.

These sessions assist women with becoming more aware of what trades programs they can enroll in. We provide information on how to become involved and how to access the proper training. We also empower the women by inviting mentors who work in trades programs to talk to them, share experiences and provide information.

In these sessions, we communicate current labour market information regarding opportunities and demand in trades and technology occupations. We also communicate the realities of working in these sectors, such that the women have realistic expectations for this work.

These sessions also provide an overview of WRDC’s programs and services, information on trades and technology careers, and contact information to follow-up with our expert Career Development Coordinators who will assist at all stages. WRDC has seen an increase in the number of requests from high schools throughout the province, asking our organization to deliver information sessions to students. WRDC’s information sessions will help these students make informed career choices.

WRDC also partners with industry, education, and community stakeholders to coordinate and deliver regional sessions for women at various stages in their trades and technology careers.

Sessions are approximately two hours in length, and focus on themes such as technology, construction, mining, oil and gas, and entrepreneurship. Topics are relevant to the local region and whenever possible, guest speakers are local representatives. Sessions will serve as an information hub where women can be linked to existing resources and services as well as local employment opportunities, and network with other women and stakeholders in their region.

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