Ogaga Johnson


Director of Workforce Development

Success Story

Meet Ogaga

Ogaga Johnson is a dynamic project management leader, speaker, and workforce development expert.

As the Director of Workforce Development at econext, she spearheads innovative initiatives preparing the workforce for the blue/green economy. She develops training and professional development initiatives to equip the future and current workforce with the right skills required to fill current and future jobs in the clean economy.

As a WRDC board director, Ogaga is championing diversity and inclusion in NL. In particular, she advocates for immigrants to ensure they have meaningful jobs.

Having lived and worked as a seasoned Project Management professional across three continents, Ogaga brings a wealth of global experience to her endeavors.

Beyond her professional pursuits, she embraces her role as a devoted disciple of Christ, wife, and mother of her two children. An enthusiastic traveler, Ogaga enjoys exploring new horizons with her family.

Ogaga is a powerhouse dedicated to making a positive impact.