When women require additional information to make an informed decision about a career in trades and technology, we recommend participation in our Orientation to Trades and Technology (OTT) program.

OTT is a 16-week career development program for women, delivered at College of the North Atlantic (CNA) campuses and funded by the provincial government.  Participants receive hands-on experience in a range of trades and technology fields, undertake a variety of academic courses, worksite tours, and industry presentations. The program also includes personal and professional development components needed to foster success in male-dominated occupations, including safety certificates, and respectful workplace training.

“I would like to say I am very glad I’m here. The program is wonderful, the instructors are great, WRDC is great and the OTT family are really close. I’m glad I had this opportunity.” -OTT Participant

Over 850 women have completed the OTT program since the first offering in 1999. In an external evaluation of the program, 98% indicated that the OTT program was helpful for them, and 74% went on to further their education.

Currently accepting applications for January 2019

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