For over 25 Years
WRDC has been an incubator for change.
Creating a local, diverse and skilled workforce while supporting employers, industries, and sectors in their efforts to create and maintain inclusive workplaces.
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WRDC’s definition of “Women” refers to anyone who identifies as a woman and explicitly includes not only cis women but also trans women, anyone who identifies as non-binary, nonconforming and/or gender fluid; and anyone, irrespective of assigned gender at birth, gender identity and gender expression, who has experienced or is subject to experiencing discrimination based on identifying as a woman and/or being identified by others as a woman.


Career Development

Providing women with exposure to different career possibilities, helping them enroll and succeed in training programs, as well as assisting in job search and career advancement activities are essential to increasing women’s participation in trades and technology.

Gender & DEI Services

A diverse workforce offers extensive benefits for all organizations. WRDC works closely with operators, contractors, and other employers to review and assess their organizational diversity policies and practices, and provide individualized recommendations and customized tools and supports to enhance their efforts.


WRDC’s Educational Resource Centre (ERC) offers a series of practical, hands-on career exploration programs, creating awareness of the exciting opportunities in trades and STEM, and empowering girls with the information and self-confidence needed to pursue these careers.

WRDC Success Stories

Customers served! 100 Gender & DEI Training Workshops delivered since 2014
Customers served! 100 Orientation to Trades & Technology cohorts since 1999
Customers served! 100 Orientation to Trades & Technology participants since 1999
Customers served! 100 Trades & Technology Scholarships for Women distributed in partnership with NL Hydro
Customers served! 100 Career Development clients supported since 2011
Customers served! 100 Workplace Culture & Inclusion Survey’s conducted since 2015

What's new...

July 18, 2024

Creating Connections is a foundational digital skills and career exploration program designed to meet women where they are. It provides the necessary equipment and support needed to participate in the program, and ultimately stay connected with WRDC supports and other resources after completion.


July 4, 2024

Today we begin a new chapter in the story of WRDC, as we announce the retirement of our long-term CEO Cheri Butt. 


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